How to contribute to “Indian Mobilities” 2018 ?

Why to contribute ?

Your contribution will make the production possible, this includes:
1. To frame the paintings;
2. To design and print the banners;
3. To design and arrange for printing and scenographic materials (labels, hanging facilities, packing material, brochures, special prints, cards, etc.);
4. To transport the exhibition from the artist’s workshop in Nantes to Stuttgart, and to get an insurance for the art pieces;
5. To get the exhibition installed and unbuilt;
6. To transport and distribute the book.

How to contribute ?

You become a contributor by doing a donation. Each donation is rewarded with object (s) of the exhibition. PREMIUM partners (donation of 500 € or more) will have their name printed on all communication tools.
To do a donation by cheque or bank transfer, please contact us here:

The Rewards

The rewards blend visuals from the exhibition and eco-friendly traditional Indian craft media. All the prints (postcards, invitation cards and exclusive archival prints) are printed on handmade quality papers from the ‘Kalam Khush’ workshop of the Mahatma Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad. The school and tote bags are stitched in India with ‘mādarpāt’, a traditional untreated cotton fabric.
Click here to check the Rewards list.

Kalam Khush workshop, Ahmedabad

Handmade paper from Kalam Khush, Ahmedabad

The postcards









Postcards. Classic series. Kalam Khush paper.









Postcards. Fun series. Kalam Khush paper.










Invitation card. Kalam Khush paper.











Tote bag “elephant”












Tote bag “Share the road”


Exclusive prints









Exclusive archival print ‘Elephant’. Kalam Khush paper.










Exclusive archival print ‘Truck’. Kalam Khush paper.


















Exclusive archival print ‘Rabari’. Kalam Khush paper.

Copyrighted Image

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