Indian Mobilities

Indische Mobilitäten (DEUTSCH)


‘Indian Mobilities -Share the Road’ is an exhibition cum book project on the road in India. It is a poetic collection of watercolours on mobility, diversity and Living-Together.

The exhibition is scheduled from 17th September to 12th October, 2018 in the German city of Stuttgart. The book is printed with the support of the French city of Strasbourg.

                                                                              The Indian streets are like a jungle!
                                                                              It is a constant disordered movement that disturbs
                                                                              our rational mind and drowns it in a crowd of
                                                                              intense visual, sonorous and olfactory perceptions.
                                                                                                     (‘India. Small and Big vehicles’, p.25-7)

The exhibition questions the diversity of users and vehicles on the Indian roads. It also looks at the recent deep societal changes, and at the vital traffic issues in the quickly developing Indian cities and megacities. The exhibition is an invitation to travel, an inspiration for our imagination and an opportunity to meet the Other and the Elsewhere.

Stuttgart & Mobility
Sustainable mobility (‘nachhaltige Mobilität’) is one of the top most priority of Stuttgart city, capital of the “Model Region for Sustainable Mobility”. Stuttgart’s debate on mobility take place right in the heart of an automotive and mechanic engineering leadership (with prominent corporations like Daimler and Porsche).
Stuttgart & India
Stuttgart celebrate in 2018, the city partnership year (‘Städtepartnerschaftsjahr 2018’) with series of cultural and sport events. India plays here an important role thanks to the Stuttgart-Mumbai Jubilee. This celebration is a great opportunity to question the issue of mobility in the megacity of Mumbai and to see how big Indian cities manage the modern challenges related to road usage, traffic fluidity and connectivity.

Strasbourg on International Level
The French city of Strasbourg is another partner city of Stuttgart (since 1962). The dynamic city of Strasbourg, seat of the European Parliament, is a symbol of Europe and of international dialogue.
Strasbourg & Mobility
Strasbourg is noted as a model for sustainable mobility and pioneer transport options. It is a green city and the French “capital of the cycle“. Moreover, its tramlines network is a remarkable example of the reintroduction of the tramway in the 1990ies, a system that inspired multiple other French cities.

In the press
• French press: see the article by journalist Nathalie Baldji;
• Indian press: see the article published by MEDIA INDIA GROUP;
• German press: see the articles from ‘Stuttgarter Zeitung’ (published 04.07.2018) and the Stuttgarter Nachrichten (published 05.10.2018).

Exhibition details
* 43 frames
Watercolours and sepia rotring on textured papier of various grammages. « Miniature » format. Dimension of the frames: 25 x 32 cm to 29 x 36 cm. 2013-2018.
* 7 banners
Silk banners with texts and illustrations. Format: large (60 x 2,14 cm).
* 2 installation banners
Silk banners enriched with glass cutting. Hand blown glass from Saint-Just-Saint-Rambert and float.

Exhibition venue : 17.09 – 12.10.2018 in Stuttgart City Hall, Foyer, 2nd Floor.
Vernissage : Monday 17th Sept. at 6pm. Book signing session : Friday 12th Oct. at 3pm.

Keller, Sara. 2018. « Ind.i.e.n. Petits & Grands véhicules. Kleine & Grosse Fahrzeuge ». Preface by Annie Montaut, limited bilingual edition (french-german). Strasbourg, 128 p.
ISBN: 979-10-699-2625-7. Order online
The book is also available in the following book shops: Le Bois d’Amarante (Chambéry, France), Géothèque (Nantes, France), FNAC in Nantes (France), at Osiander (Stuttgart, Germany) and on order in FNAC and most of the French book shops.


+ numerous private contributors.

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